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Please “click here” for the entire list of sub-funds and share classes currently available within JPMorgan Funds and JPMorgan Investment Funds. The list also includes, for all share classes, the investment managers and the Spill-Over Risk relating to Hedged Share Classes.

JPMorgan Funds and JPMorgan Investment Funds: Sub-Funds, Classes of Shares, Investment Managers & potential spill-over risk relating to Hedged Share Classes

All cumulative performance details are NAV - NAV with gross income reinvested.

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FundUPCurrencyLaunch dateMorningstarAsset ClassISINNAV DateNAV
 Africa Equity Fund (JPMorgan Funds)
JPM A (perf) (acc) - EUREUR09.12.08EquityLU035558497920.03.1918,53
JPM A (perf) (acc) - USDUSD14.05.08EquityLU035558446620.03.199,85
JPM A (perf) (dist) - EUREUR21.12.10EquityLU055477604620.03.1968,05
JPM A (perf) (dist) - GBPGBP24.07.08EquityLU035558489620.03.197,45
JPM A (perf) (dist) - USDUSD11.12.13EquityLU035558462320.03.1977,19
JPM C (perf) (acc) - EUREUR06.08.13EquityLU093594118620.03.1979,84
JPM C (perf) (acc) - USDUSD24.11.09EquityLU035558527320.03.1912,36
JPM C (perf) (dist) - GBPGBP26.09.12EquityLU082204156120.03.1963,69
JPM D (perf) (acc) - EUREUR11.06.10EquityLU035558551320.03.1989,12
JPM D (perf) (acc) - USDUSD14.05.08EquityLU035558543020.03.199,12
JPM I (perf) (acc) - USDUSD14.05.08EquityLU035558560420.03.19102,52
JPM I2 (perf) (acc) - EUREUR08.06.18-EquityLU181467002920.03.1993,11
JPM I2 (perf) (acc) - USDUSD08.06.18-EquityLU181467029220.03.1989,93
JPM T (perf) (acc) - EUREUR19.10.12EquityLU084295493420.03.1975,22
 Aggregate Bond Fund (JPMorgan Funds)
JPM A (acc) - EUR (hedged)EUR09.11.09BondLU043049321220.03.198,74
JPM A (acc) - USDUSD09.11.09BondLU043049313920.03.1914,06
JPM A (dist) - EUR (hedged)EUR19.11.13BondLU095558046820.03.1974,31
JPM C (acc) - EUR (hedged)EUR18.01.13BondLU043049356820.03.1983,55
JPM C (acc) - USDUSD18.01.13BondLU043049348520.03.19119,44
JPM C (dist) - EUR (hedged)EUR23.09.11BondLU065452618420.03.1977,04
JPM C (dist) - GBP (hedged)GBP31.01.13BondLU087274896620.03.1966,49
JPM C (dist) - USDUSD25.01.13BondLU087658830120.03.19108,20
JPM D (acc) - EUR (hedged)EUR19.11.13BondLU043049372520.03.1978,35
JPM D (acc) - USDUSD19.11.13BondLU043049364220.03.19113,44
JPM I (acc) - EUR (hedged)EUR09.10.13BondLU095869467020.03.1982,88
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