JPMorgan Investment Funds - Global Income Fund
Our best income ideas in a flexible, well-diversified, multi-asset solution
  • Our best income ideas on a global scale
  • Benefit from a flexible, diversified and multi-asset approach
  • Access our team of investment specialists from around the world
  • An all-in-one income investment

J.P. Morgan Asset Management Luxembourg

Daily Nav Evolution

FundNAVNAV Movement
JPM Emerging Markets Opportunities A (acc) - USD 231,590,10%
JPM Europe Strategic Dividend A (dist) - EUR 128,330,71%
JPM Income Opportunity A (acc) - EUR (hedged) 134,51-0,01%
JPM Global Bond Opportunities A (acc) - EUR (hedged)83,27-0,44%
JPM Global Income A (div) - EUR 152,240,13%
JPM Global Strategic Bond A (acc) - EUR (hedged)95,82-0,02%
JPM Total Emerging Markets Income A (acc) - EUR87,89-0,11%
JPM US Value A (acc) - EUR (hedged) 11,420,18%

You should remember that past performance is not a guide to the future. Please note that performance data given are stipulated in the currency of the share class.