Keep on top of volatility

Building portfolios that have the ability to ride out the market's ups and downs can help investors stay invested through the market cycle and benefit from stronger long-term returns.


Embrace volatility

Invest in strategies that can perform in different market environments


Don’t panic

Selling when markets are volatile risks locking in losses


Stay diversified

Don’t rely too heavily on any one asset class or strategy


Diversification does not guarantee investment returns and does not eliminate the risk of loss. Your capital may be at risk.

Prepare your strategy

Here are three key portfolio strategies that can help provide resilience to investment portfolios, whatever the economic forecast.


Capitalise on flexible multi-asset funds

Consider funds that can invest flexibly across asset classes to navigate varying market environments.


Consider unconstrained bond funds

Use funds that can shift exposure across regions, securities, maturities and risk.


Add alternative exposure

Consider funds that can provide access to the diversified, lower-volatility returns offered by alternative strategies.


Build stronger portfolios

Our featured funds can help investors add resilience to portfolios, or even provide the opportunity to capitalise on market volatility.


JPMorgan Investment Funds - Global Macro Opportunities Fund

Employ a flexible, focused, multi-asset approach to target the positive performance and diversification that portfolios need in challenging market conditions.


JPMorgan Investment Funds – Income Opportunity Fund

Invest flexibly across traditional, alternative and private fixed income to target uncorrelated, low volatility returns regardless of market environment.


JPMorgan Funds - Multi-Manager Alternatives Fund

Benefit from the differentiated returns and lower downside capture offered by hedge fund strategies through a diversified UCITS portfolio with daily liquidity and no performance fee.


JPMorgan Funds – US Opportunistic Long-Short Equity Fund

The fund’s flexible market exposure means it has the potential to limit losses in falling markets while capturing some of the upside when markets rise.


Stay informed

It’s hard to predict market volatility, but you can prepare. Keep up to date with the latest market and economic developments with analysis and comment from our expert market strategists.


How should we prepare portfolios for the next downturn?

On the minds of investors

The US recovery is now the second longest on record. There is nothing to suggest it will end in the near future, so the broad prognosis for risk assets remains good.



Picking the right team: Value or growth?

Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions

Given the maturity of this economic and market cycle, investors may wish to shift towards value stocks to increase portfolio resilience. However, it may not pay to abandon growth as a style completely.