Opportunities in the world largest stock market

The US is the world’s largest stock market and is home to many of the world’s most prosperous and innovative companies.

Whether you anticipate that value will outperform growth or believe large cap stocks will outperform small cap stocks, with a comprehensive range of US equity funds available to European investors, we have a broad variety of solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management: a US equity expert.

At J.P. Morgan Asset Management, the commitment to US equity investing is demonstrated in the breadth and depth of the resources.

Highly experienced teams
The J.P. Morgan Asset Management solutions benefit from the expertise of our dedicated US investment professionals – a 96-strong team boasting an average of more than 13 years’ investment experience. Our global resources and market presence give J.P. Morgan Asset Management extensive access to company management, as well as to competitors, suppliers, distributors and industry experts, providing us with deeper insight into US companies.

Extensive resources
The J.P. Morgan Asset Management goal is to develop superior insights and identify opportunities a less informed investor might overlook. This goal is supported by the extensive resources committed to US equity investing. The US equity funds have dedicated research teams to call upon, helping them stay ahead of the competition. The core process is driven by the research output of 22 career sector analysts with an average of 14 years’ experience in fundamental research. The unique behavioural finance process is overseen by highly experienced fund managers who are experts in their field, while the growth and value style processes benefit from the insights of the style investing specialists.
The funds also leverage J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s global research presence to identify trends around the world. This means that the local investing is informed by the global perspective of over 220 analysts worldwide.

A range of funds to suit your needs
J.P. Morgan Asset Management offers a diverse selection of US equity funds – from traditional large cap core funds to style funds and high alpha funds – providing investment solutions to meet a broad range of investor needs. J.P. Morgan Asset Management has pioneered new investment approaches including 130/30 investing and behavioural finance, while continuing to offer excellence in traditional asset management. Throughout all the funds, from the most traditional to the most innovative, J.P. Morgan Asset Management recognises the vital importance of strong risk control and ensure it is a top priority at all times.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management employs distinct investment processes for US equities, drawing on the best of our knowledge and insight to provide a diverse range of investment solutions.

Diversification by approach
J.P. Morgan Asset Management employs distinct investment processes for US equities, drawing on the best of its knowledge and insight to provide a diverse range of investment solutions.

  1. Behavioural Finance Funds:
  2. Value Style and Growth/Small Cap Style2 Funds:
  3. Core Funds:

Behavioural finance strategies
Behavioural finance is the study of how investors make decisions – and how those decisions affect individual share prices and broad market movements. Studies have found that investors tend to behave irrationally in systematic and predictable ways, creating recurring opportunities in the market. Our behavioural finance funds seek to take advantage of investor irrationality, capitalising on the anomalies created by investor behaviour to pursue consistent capital growth.
J.P. Morgan Asset Management pioneered behavioural finance investment techniques in Europe in 1993. In 2003 J.P. Morgan Asset Management expanded its behavioural finance offering to include US equity funds.

Value Style and Growth/Small Cap Style strategies
In J.P. Morgan Asset Management Style processes its expert portfolio managers leverage the insight of their fundamental analysts, who are aligned by style and capitalisation. This team of bottom up analysts seek out quality businesses with good managements and strong balance sheets, focusing on the stocks that fit the style profiles of the funds.
Stock selection reflects the best ideas of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s analysts, as well as the managers’ own strongest convictions and the strict guidelines of the fund.

Core strategies
Our core research-driven process is founded on the belief that stock prices ultimately reflect future earnings and cash flows. Stocks are frequently mispriced by the market relative to their true long-term earnings potential – in the current climate, for example, concern over the global economy has caused investors to focus on the short term and ignore long-term value. A consistent investment approach that is able to exploit these mispricings has the potential to deliver long-term outperformance.
This process leverages the fundamental research of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s sector-specific career analysts, drawing on the insights gained from rigorous on-the-ground research and company visits. J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s highly experienced portfolio managers use the analysts’ research findings, coupled with their own insights, to create a risk-adjusted portfolio of stocks that offers the best value for the investors.

Important information and risk profile of the funds
Information of the funds, including the risk profile, investment process and main features: Click on the fund name to see the interactive fund factsheet and all the legal documents of the fund (see library).
As the funds invest in equities, investors are exposed to stock market fluctuations and the financial performance of the companies held in the fund’s portfolio. Therefore, investors may see the value of their investment fall as well as rise on a daily basis, and they may get back less than they originally invested. The 130/30 funds may use financial derivative instruments to achieve its investment objective. The risks associated with the financial derivative instruments are listed in the Simplified Prospectus of the fund.