JPMorgan Funds - Interim Dividend Distribution

Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable,
European Bank & Business Centre, 6, route de Trèves,
L-2633 Senningerberg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
R.C.S. Luxembourg B 8478

Notice to Shareholders

Notice is hereby given that the following interim dividend will be paid on 22 September 2009 to the Shareholders of the Funds at record date 1 September 2009.

The final dividend will be decided at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 18 November 2009.

ISIN Fund name Dividend Rate TID
LU0355584896 JPM Africa Equity A (dist) - GBP 0.09 N/A
LU0117906072 JF America Equity A (dist) - USD 0.09 N/A
LU0053666078 JPM America Equity A (dist) - USD 0.16 N/A
LU0096059323 JPM America Large Cap A (dist) - USD 0.02 N/A
LU0074838565 JPM Emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa Equity A (dist) - USD 0.40 N/A
LU0119096559 JPM Emerging Markets Equity A (dist) - GBP 0.22 N/A
LU0053685615 JPM Emerging Markets Equity A (dist) - USD 0.20 N/A
LU0400678412 JPM Emerging Markets Equity X (dist) - USD 0.11 N/A
LU0318932836 JPM Emerging Markets Small Cap A (dist) - GBP 0.35 N/A
LU0117904457 JF Euroland Equity A (dist) - USD 0.18 N/A
LU0089640097 JPM Euroland Equity A (dist) - EUR 0.70 N/A
LU0308872398 JPM Euroland Select Equity A (dist) - EUR 0.14 N/A
LU0289228842 JPM Europe 130/30 A (dist) - EUR 0.12 N/A
LU0289230079 JPM Europe 130/30 A (dist) - GBP 0.10 N/A
LU0089640337 JPM Europe Balanced (EUR) A (dist) - EUR 0.17 0.06
LU0117839455 JPM Europe Convergence Equity A (dist) - EUR 0.56 N/A
LU0143905700 JF Europe Dynamic A (dist) - EUR 0.26 N/A
LU0119062650 JPM Europe Dynamic A (dist) - EUR 0.28 N/A
LU0119088705 JPM Europe Dynamic A (dist) - GBP 0.29 N/A
LU0229245245 JPM Europe Dynamic Mega Cap A (dist) - EUR 0.19 N/A
LU0210073408 JPM Europe Dynamic Small Cap A (dist) - EUR 0.01 N/A
LU0117904960 JF Europe Equity A (dist) - USD 0.82 N/A
LU0053685029 JPM Europe Equity A (dist) - EUR 0.90 N/A
LU0169524351 JPM Europe Focus A (dist) - EUR 0.17 N/A
LU0215048231 JPM Europe Micro Cap A (dist) - EUR 0.01 N/A
LU0322980367 JPM Europe Select 130/30 A (dist) - EUR 0.17 N/A
LU0281486232 JPM Europe Select 130/30 A (dist) - GBP 0.11 N/A
LU0117905421 JF Europe Small Cap A (dist) - EUR 0.09 N/A
LU0053687074 JPM Europe Small Cap A (dist) - EUR 0.29 N/A
LU0119093531 JPM Europe Small Cap A (dist) - GBP 0.15 N/A
LU0107398538 JPM Europe Strategic Growth A (dist) - EUR 0.05 N/A
LU0119091675 JPM Europe Strategic Growth A (dist) - GBP 0.10 N/A
LU0107398884 JPM Europe Strategic Value A (dist) - EUR 0.30 N/A
LU0119092640 JPM Europe Strategic Value A (dist) - GBP 0.37 N/A
LU0117906742 JF Europe Technology A (dist) - EUR 0.03 N/A
LU0104030142 JPM Europe Technology A (dist) - EUR 0.06 N/A
LU0119095668 JPM Europe Technology A (dist) - GBP 0.06 N/A
LU0117905850 JF Germany Equity A (dist) - EUR 0.26 N/A
LU0111753843 JPM Germany Equity A (dist) - EUR 0.10 N/A
LU0129952296 JF Global Convertibles (EUR) A (dist) - USD 0.06 0.00
LU0129412341 JPM Global Convertibles (EUR) A (dist) - EUR 0.05 0.00
LU0397083378 JPM Global Convertibles (EUR) A (dist) - GBP (hedged) 0.07 0.01
LU0397083535 JPM Global Convertibles (EUR) C (dist) - GBP (hedged) 0.12 0.06
LU0423858678 JPM Global Corporate Bond Fund A (dist) – GBP (hedged) 0.07 0.07
LU0143906690 JF Global Dynamic A (dist) - USD 0.07 N/A
LU0119090438 JPM Global Dynamic A (dist) - GBP 0.07 N/A
LU0119067295 JPM Global Dynamic A (dist) - USD 0.08 N/A
LU0117906312 JF Global Equity (USD) A (dist) - USD 0.17 N/A
LU0336376248 JPM Global Equity (USD) A (dist) - EUR (hedged) 0.21 N/A
LU0089639750 JPM Global Equity (USD) A (dist) - USD 0.10 N/A
LU0168342896 JF Global Focus A (dist) - USD 0.06 N/A
LU0168341575 JPM Global Focus A (dist) - EUR 0.07 N/A
LU0119095312 JPM Global Life Sciences A (dist) - GBP 0.08 N/A
LU0111753769 JPM Global Socially Responsible A (dist) - USD 0.06 N/A
LU0232674209 JPM Japan Dynamic A (dist) - JPY 0.07 N/A
LU0224733013 JF Asia Alpha Plus A (dist) - USD 0.07 N/A
LU0119093960 JF Asia Pacific ex-Japan Equity A (dist) - GBP 0.25 N/A
LU0089639594 JF Asia Pacific ex-Japan Equity A (dist) - USD 0.69 N/A
LU0051755006 JF China A (dist) - USD 0.18 N/A
LU0117841782 JF Greater China A (dist) - USD 0.73 N/A
LU0117842087 JF Hong Kong A (dist) - USD 0.54 N/A
LU0169521175 JF Japan Alpha Plus A (dist) - USD 0.01 N/A
LU0119094695 JF Japan Equity A (dist) - GBP 0.04 N/A
LU0053696224 JF Japan Equity A (dist) - USD 0.03 N/A
LU0129465034 JF Japan Equity J (dist) - USD 0.02 N/A
LU0117844026 JF Pacific Balanced A (dist) - USD 0.70 0.46
LU0119094851 JF Pacific Equity A (dist) - GBP 0.14 N/A
LU0052474979 JF Pacific Equity A (dist) - USD 0.62 N/A
LU0119095072 JF Pacific Technology A (dist) - GBP 0.17 N/A
LU0111753926 JF Pacific Technology A (dist) - USD 0.20 N/A
LU0117842756 JF Singapore A (dist) - USD 0.46 N/A
LU0117843481 JF Taiwan A (dist) - USD 0.96 N/A
LU0117907989 JF Latin America Equity A (dist) - USD 0.30 N/A
LU0053687314 JPM Latin America Equity A (dist) - USD 0.42 N/A
LU0083573666 JPM Emerging Middle East Equity A (dist) - USD 0.30 N/A
LU0053692744 JPM Sterling Bond A (dist) - GBP 0.07 0.02
LU0053694286 JPM UK Equity A (dist) - GBP 0.18 N/A
LU0119093705 JPM US Small Cap Growth A (dist) - GBP 0.02 N/A
LU0119089182 JPM US Strategic Growth A (dist) - GBP 0.02 N/A
LU0119095742 JPM US Technology A (dist) - GBP 0.02 N/A
LU0143907235 JF US Value A (dist) - USD 0.05 N/A
LU0119089935 JPM US Value A (dist) - GBP 0.05 N/A
LU0119066131 JPM US Value A (dist) - USD 0.06 N/A
LU0248059304 JPM US Dynamic I (inc) - EUR 0.06 N/A
LU0248032871 JPM Europe Dynamic Mega Cap A (inc) - EUR 0.17 N/A
LU0235638946 JPM Emerging Markets Equity X (inc) - EUR 0.21 N/A
LU0248044298 JPM Emerging Markets Equity I (inc) - EUR 0.14 N/A
LU0325074333 JPM Highbridge US STEEP A (inc) - EUR 0.06 0.00
LU0091079839 JPM Europe High Yield Bond A (inc) - EUR 0.17 0.17
LU0117838564 JPM US Aggregate Bond A (inc) - USD 0.53 0.35
LU0336377568 JPM Global Real Estate Securities (USD) A (inc) - EUR (hedged) 0.14 N/A
LU0408877503 JPM Euro Government Short Duration Bond A (inc) – EUR 0.12 0.12
LU0248033333 JPM Global Dynamic A (inc) - EUR 0.05 N/A
LU0248051665 JPM Global Dynamic I (inc) - EUR 0.11 N/A
LU0248062357 JPM Global Convertibles (EUR) I (inc) - EUR 0.04 0.04
LU0289338195 JPM Euroland Equity A (inc) - EUR 0.15 N/A
LU0248063322 JPM Emerging Markets Debt I (inc) - EUR 0.01 0.01

The shares will be quoted ex-dividend as from 2 September 2009.

Dividends will be reinvested on 22 September 2009 unless a Shareholder elects to receive a dividend payment in which case payment will be made in the currency of the Fund. Any request for a dividend payment must be made to the Company or its Agent in writing.

September 2009