JPMorgan Investment Funds - Income Opportunity Fund

Important information
Information of the JPM - Income Opportunity Fund, including the risk profile, investment process and main features of the fund:
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Benefit from a multi-sector approach to fixed income
The JPMorgan Income Opportunity Fund leverages the strength and experience of JPMorgan's fixed income team to offer an absolute-return oriented, dynamic approach to fixed income investing. With the flexibility to take opportunistic positions in the global fixed income markets, the fund seeks to produce positive returns in excess of the benchmark in diverse market environments.

Pursue the best global fixed income opportunities
Unlike traditional bond funds, the JPMorgan Income Opportunity Fund can invest flexibly across various fixed income securities, enabling it to take advantage of the best opportunities in the prevailing market environment, wherever they are to be found.
The fund’s opportunistic approach emphasises investment management strategies and risk management techniques from both traditional and alternative asset management, pursuing a wide range of investment avenues for the generation of returns.
The fund is long-biased, but may use derivatives to provide short exposures and exploit relative value opportunities, increasing potential returns.

Target attractive risk-adjusted returns
In contrast to traditional bond funds, which aim to beat the performance of a benchmark index, the JPMorgan Income Opportunity Fund seeks to produce positive returns in excess of cash over a medium term horizon regardless of the direction of the markets.
Because the fund has the ability to move flexibly between asset classes, changing allocations as market conditions dictate, it can protect capital and target strong returns.
The fund’s multi-sector approach may serve as an ideal all-in-one fixed income solution, and its low correlation with conventional fixed income funds means it may also offer compelling diversification benefits as a complement to a traditional bond portfolio.