17 Feb 2016

JPMorgan Funds - Global Strategic Bond Fund - Notice to Shareholders 12 February 2016

Notice for shareholders regarding three “(fix)” share classes in the ‘JPMorgan Funds - Global Strategic Bond Fund’ that pay a fixed dividend. Effective: 12 February 2016

As of 12 February 2016 onwards, the following share classes have been closed to any new subscriptions, transfers and switches in from any new investors

LU0864191142 - JPMorgan Funds - Global Strategic Bond A (perf) (fix) EUR 2.35 - EUR (hedged)

LU0897450556 - JPMorgan Funds - Global Strategic Bond C (perf) (fix) EUR 2.60 - EUR (hedged)

The result is the Management Company has restricted these share classes to only accept further subscriptions from existing investors of each respective Share Class.

Please refer to the prospectus and respective KIID documents for further information on these share classes, and contact your local J.P. Morgan Asset Management representative for details for any further questions.