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Drawing on the depth and breadth of our market and economic expertise, we offer timely macro insight into today’s big investment themes, to enable more confident portfolio decisions.

Guide to the Markets

The Guide to the Markets illustrates an array of market and economic trends using compelling charts, providing the building blocks to support your investment conversations.

Introducing the Q1 2020 Guide

Vincent Juvyns, Global Market Strategist, previews this quarter's themes and invites you to use the Guide to help navigate the investment landscape.

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Monthly Market Review

Review of markets over the last month

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How can we track the health of the US economy?

Market bulletin.

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Turning the dial: Portfolio considerations in the late cycle

Strategies for investors

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Quarterly Perspectives

Q1 2018

Quarterly Perspectives uses charts and graphs from guide to the markets to illustrate current market themes. It provides a springboard for discussions with clients, synthesising what is happening in the markets into an insightful story. 



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An introduction to our Market Insights strategists.