Don't put your emotions in charge of your investments

Market timing can be a dangerous habit. Pullbacks are hard to time and strong returns often follow the worst returns. But often investors think they can outsmart the market—or they let emotions like fear and greed push them into investment decisions they later regret.

This chart is a sobering reminder of the potential costs of trying to time the market. Even missing a handful of days in the market can have a devastating effect on an investor’s total returns.

Good things come to those who wait

While markets can always have a bad day, week, month or even a bad year, history suggests investors are much less likely to suffer losses over longer periods. Investors need to keep a long-term perspective.

This chart illustrates this concept. Investors should not necessarily expect the same rates of return in the future as we have seen in the past. But a diversified blend of stocks and bonds has not suffered a negative return over any 10-year rolling period in the past 67 years, despite the great swings in annual returns we have seen in that time.

JPMorgan Investment Funds - Global Income Fund

Der Income-Klassiker für regelmäßige Ertragschancen

Mit dem Global Income Fund können Anleger von der Kraft regelmäßiger Erträge profitieren: Neben Ausschüttungen und Chancen auf Kurszuwächse schaffen die regelmäßigen Erträge auch Stabilität im Portfolio.

JPMorgan Investment Funds - Global Income Conservative Fund

Regelmäßige Erträge für risikobewusstere Anleger

Der Global Income Conservative Fund kann die Lücke schließen, die Sparprodukte hinterlassen haben. Er ermöglich regelmäßige Erträge – allerdings auf einem niedrigeren Niveau, dafür auch bei angestrebt geringeren Schwankungen. Daher kann der Fonds auch für konservativere Anleger interessant sein.